West Virginia Department of Highways Make It Shine
National Youth Service Day


Elementary School students picking up trash left from high water in the Spring of 2003
Lower Weirwood Road

Andrew Meredith and Kassidy Brown

Mrs. Barbara Meredith, Adrienne Kline and Halie Brown

Kassidy Brown and Adrienne Kline

Mrs. Barbara Meredith, Keith Wriston and OMS Vista Member Brenda Hughes

Adrienne, Andrew, Cassidy, Mrs. Meredith, Jonathon Wriston and Brenda

Keith Wriston, Jonathon, Halie, Jay Williams, Andrew, Mrs. Meredith,
Adrienne, Kassidy and Brenda

Mrs. Meredith and Halie

Jonathon, Adrienne and Kassidy

Barbara Meredith, Becky Meredith, Keith Wriston, Halie Brown, Christopher Williams, Jay Williams and Mrs.Wriston
Adreinne Kline, Andrew Meredith, Jonathon Wriston, Tyler Williams and Kassidy Brown